The goal is to sign up subscribers in early 2021 and start service in the Spring of 2021. The web site will be updated as soon as we know a precise date.

The cost to run fiber cabling to all the homes in Cameron Estates is extremely expensive compared to the current wireless technologies. It could cost thousands per house to run fiber cable instead of hundreds per house to use wireless. This is not the same wireless as your cell phone service. This service is much more reliable and consistent, and connects to a fiber internet service for reliability and speed.

We are planning to use a "mesh" wireless network, which allows data to flow through multiple paths throughout Cameron Estates. This way, if there is equipment failure, it will affect a small number of homes. Automatic monitoring of the network will ensure that outages are repaired quickly.

Work-from-home and internet-based schooling are becoming a fact of life for many residents. Cameron Estates houses are too far spread out for a normal Internet provider to provide profitable service. This is why homes do not receive high-speed AT&T and Comcast service like the rest of Cameron Park, and likely why cable TV service was never installed. Some homes in Cameron Estates do not receive cell phone service, so they cannot use a hotspot device to access the Internet either. The Cameron Estates gates have older camera technology because the Internet speed available at the gates will not support the newer, high quality cameras. This would provide reliable Internet service to the gate cameras as well as residences.

You have the option of installing your own private network on your property to share your connection among multiple locations, or you can sign up for separate service. For example, if someone is renting a second house and would like to sign up for their own service using their own account, they will receive a separate bill. Each service is given its own allocation, so a second account will not affect the speed of the primary account.

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