Currently, we are focusing on serving community members in Cameron Estates. In the future, we may expand to cover areas outside Cameron Estates. Click here to sign up for our mailing list with updates on our expansion outside Cameron Estates.

You have the option of installing your own private network on your property to share your connection among multiple locations, or you can sign up for separate service. For example, if someone is renting a second house and would like to sign up for their own service using their own account, they will receive a separate bill. Each service is given its own allocation, so a second account will not affect the speed of the primary account.

The cost to run fiber cabling to all the homes in Cameron Estates is significantly more expensive than the current wireless technologies. This is not the same wireless as your cell phone service. This service is much more reliable and consistent, and connects to a fiber internet service for reliability and speed.

The goal is to sign up subscribers in early 2021 and start service in the Spring of 2021. The web site will be updated as soon as we know a precise date.

Cameron Estates houses are too far spread out for a normal Internet provider to provide profitable service. The current offerings from AT&T and Cal.net do not meet most household's Internet needs for speed, and the rate is substantially higher than other Internet providers such as Comcast. We believe the best path forward is to establish our own community Internet provider, and by creating a non-profit organization, the focus will be on service instead of profits.

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